Personal Life

With such high academic and professional achievement and long clinical experience, you may think that Aina is a nerd with thick glasses and gray hair. Well, you will be surprised when you meet her in person. She is a vibrant young-looking woman with full black hair. She was a natural athlete who frequently excelled in discus (铁饼), javelin (标枪), and shot-put (铅球) competitions in university, and some of her university records were held for many years.

After settling down in Montreal, she has always been physically active and loves the great outdoors. Her favorite sports include: cross-country skiing, long-distance cycling, hiking, aerobic and weight training and Tai Chi.

Here is an excerpt of her recent achievements:

1. In November 2011, she climbed Jade Mountain(玉山, 4000 m above sea level and the highest peak in Taiwan)in a single day. She and her husband covered 28 km of treacherous mountain road in 11 hours.

2. In July 2012, she completed an 800 km bike journey in Belgium and the Netherlands.

3. In Feb 9th and 10th of 2013, she participated Canadian Ski Marathon and completed 84 km of cross country ski trails in 2 days.