Case study

Over the years, I have successfully treated numerous age-related female infertility patients with remarkable success. Some patient case information is provided to demonstrate the therapeutic potential of long-term acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment for age-related female infertility patients. (Real names are not used to protect the identity of these patients):

Age Name/Occupation History, Diagnosis & Previous Treatments TCM Diagnosis
45 Laura
Unexplained infertility. No previous treatments Spleen & Kidney Yang deficient
43 Louise
3 miscarriages, unexplained infertility/unsuccessful hormonal treatment Kidney & Liver Yin deficient
37 Cathy
Premature menopause, FSH 30.9 with 2 miscarriages Liver Qi stagnant, Spleen deficient, Heat & Dampness accumulation
35 Mirela
Software Engineer
2 IVF failed, 1 IVF cancelled, FSH 50, irregular menstruation Kidney Qi and Essence deficient
40 Chantal
Hypothyroidism blocked fallopian tubes, 5 IUI & 2 IVF all failed (1 ectopic pregnancy). Kidney and Spleen Qi deficient
41 Paula
Travel Agent
1 miscarriage, 7 failed IUI, FSH 15.3, 1 Failed IVF, Kidney and Spleen Qi deficient
42 Paula
Travel Agent
1 failed IUI, 1 cancelled IVF due to poor response to IVF stimulation Kidney and Spleen Qi deficient
39 Sylvia
4 Failed IVF with frozen embryos. Kidney and Spleen Qi deficient