Sinocare is conveniently located close to all six infertility clinics in Montreal. In addition, Sinocare is only 100m south of Villa-Maria Metro Station and is near exit Cote St-Luc (exit 65 northbound) and Sherbrooke (exit 64 southbound) of Highway 15. Free parking is relatively easy to find around the clinic, because this section of Decarie Blvd is a semi-commercial street.


4177 Decarie Blvd., Montreal, QC Canada H4A 3J8 Sinocare is conveniently located close to all six infertility clinics in Montreal. See Map for details. In addition, Sinocare is only 100m south of Villa-Maria Metro Station and is near exit Cote St-Luc (exit 65 northbound) and Sherbrooke (exit 64 southbound) of Highway 15. Free parking is relatively easy to find around the clinic, because this section of Decarie Blvd is a semi-commercial street.


Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 18:30
Saturday: 08:30 to 15:30
Sunday and Statutory Holidays: by appointment only and with a 10$ surcharge

Home, hospital, or fertility clinic on-site treatment is available with reservation and surcharge, see Fees for more details.


Mail: 4177 Decarie Blvd. Montreal, QC, Canada H4A 3J8
514 483-6669
514 816-0892 (For emergency only)

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Led by renowned acupuncturist Aina Zhang (“An Important Member of Celine Dion’s Dream Team”, le Journal de Montreal, 01/06/2010), Sinocare is possibly the best and biggest fertility acupuncture clinic in Quebec. Her credentials include:

  • A master’s degree in gynecology. She is the only acupuncturist in Quebec who has this degree.
  • 5 years of medical doctor’s degree and 2 years of master’s degree at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Over 33 years of clinical experience in Chinese and Western medicine.
  • Treating infertility and gynecology patients full-time since 2005.
  • Helping make over 1000 babies, including those of Celine Dion and Julie Snyder in recent years.

The Clinique Sinocare Inc.:

  • Is the first fertility acupuncture clinic in Quebec.
  • Has five full-time acupuncturists.
  • Is open 365 days a year.
  • Offers on-site acupuncture in infertility clinics.
  • Provides personalized herbal medicine.

Gynecology and infertility is an incredibly complex and delicate specialty in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It takes years of studying, working under the guidance of a master, and clinical practice to be proficient. In other words, taking a weekend course or reading a few books or clinical studies on the subject doesn’t turn someone into an “expert”.

In addition to her busy practice, Aina has been a major driving force behind the rapid growth of the popularity of fertility acupuncture in Quebec. Here are some of her important milestones:

  1. 2002 – Incorporated Quebec’s first gynecology- and infertility-focused acupuncture clinic.
  2. 2005 – Started to perform acupuncture at the McGill Reproductive Centre.
  3. 2005 – Lectured in the 10th McGill International Symposium on Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and Women’s Health.
  4. 2010 – Featured on CBC Radio, TVA, Le Journal de Montreal, Hello! Magazine, Luby News (路比周刊), Fortune China (华夏财富), and numerous other news outlets worldwide for Aina’s contribution to Celine Dion’s pregnancy.
  5. 2011 – Taught Quebec’s first infertility acupuncture training program.
  6. 2011 – Created the world’s first infertility acupuncture DVD training program.
  7. 2011 – Lectured in the Jewish General Hospital on the subject of acupuncture in gynecology and oncology.

In May 2010, Celine Dion announced to the world she was pregnant with twins on her 6th IVF + acupuncture. Due to the significant contribution of Aina’s acupuncture to Celine’s pregnancy, countless infertility patients worldwide were encouraged to use acupuncture as an alternative or complementary therapy to IVF and other Western medicine infertility treatments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest continually-practiced literate medicine in the world. The earliest written literature, the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon(黄帝内经), dates back 2,500 years (during the Warring States Period from 475-221 BC).

Today, this remarkable book is still required reading for all Chinese medicine students in China. The actual practice of this ancient medicine is undoubtedly much older: it is at least 4,000 years old, according to some archeological facts from the Neolithic Age. Definitely not a “folk medicine”, Chinese medicine is a complete, intricate, and precise medicinal system reflecting the efforts of China’s brightest minds throughout its history. These scholars recorded their theories, experiences, observations, and results from generation to generation. At the start of the 20th century, there were over 30,000 Chinese medicinal books already in existence. Thousands and thousands of additional texts and articles have been written and published throughout the world since then. Chinese medicine has been used to treat infertility for thousands of years. There were multiple references to gynecology and infertility in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (黄帝内经). The first book dedicated to obstetrics and gynecology, the Complete Book of Effective Prescriptions for Diseases of Women (妇人大全良方), was written by Chen Zi Ming (陈自明) in 1237 AD. It contained 24 volumes with detailed knowledge of:

  • Regulating menstruation
  • Infertility
  • Fetal education and prenatal care
  • Pregnant women’s contraindications
  • Special diseases during pregnancy
  • Dystocia(难产)
  • Post-natal care and diseases

Tli book summarized his predecessors’ knowledge and his own clinical experience, and greatly promoted the development of gynecology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese and Western medicine have very different perspectives and treatment techniques for all illnesses, and they have been proven to have their own strengths and limitations. We are firm believers of integrated medicine, where Chinese and Western medicine work together in harmony to provide the best care for our patients. The trend of integration is more and more evident in infertility, oncology, and pain and addiction management. Since Aina has studied both Chinese and Western medicine and subsequently practiced integrated medicine for many years in China as a medical doctor and gynecologist, she is uniquely positioned to help patients benefit from the best of Chinese and Western medicine.

In 1995, after obtaining her license to practice acupuncture in Quebec, Aina immediately started her practice in three different subleased offices in Montreal. As her practice grew, she consolidated her practice and moved to the current location on 4177 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, in March of 2002. Her clinic was renamed as Clinique Sinocare.

As her list of patients continued to expand rapidly, James Wang (王恽), her husband officially joined her practice and soon took over all non-treatment responsibilities in the clinic, so Aina could concentrate on patient care. In March of 2007, Aina and James incorporated their business together and the Clinique Sinocare Inc. was born. Other than her unique educational and clinical experience in both Chinese and Western medicine, there are several important personal characteristics that contributed to her success as an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor. She is calm, caring, sympathetic, meticulous, dedicated, professional, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced in both Chinese and Western medicine, especially in the treatment of infertility and gynecologic disorders. Aina’s credentials include:

  • Licensed acupuncturist, Quebec, 1995
  • Master’s degree in gynecology, China, 1989
  • MD degree of Chinese & Western medicine, China, 1982
  • Apprentice to one of the best TCM gynecology masters – Professor Luo Yuan Kai (罗元恺教授)
  • 30 years of experience in Chinese & Western medicine


In 1977, after a grueling nation-wide examination in China, Aina was admitted into one of the five most prestigious Traditional Chinese Medicine universities in China – Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. On average, less than 1 % of total applicants were admitted into universities in that year, because it was the first year Chinese universities opened to applicants after 10 years of the Great Culture Revolution in China. In comparison, Harvard University accepts about 7% to 10% of applicants in recent years. In the summer of 1982, she graduated from the university and obtained her medical doctor’s degree in both Chinese and Western medicine. During her five years of full-time study in the university, Aina was a “straight-A” student, and that earned her the honor to choose her favorite gynecology department in the hospital to start her career, as the vast majority of jobs were dictated to each university graduate in China at that period. After five years of practicing both Chinese and Western medicine, she went through another round of even more grueling examinations and was admitted to a master’s degree program in gynecology in the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Only 1% to 2% of university graduates were admitted to post-graduate programs in China during that period. As always, Aina was again a “straight-A” student among a group of the most elite students. In 1989, Aina received her master’s degree in gynecology.

Clinical Experience

In the summer of 1983, after doing her residency in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, and pediatric departments for one year, she started to work as a medical doctor in the gynecology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With some luck and exceptional ability, she was chosen to be one of the last two apprentices to one of the most celebrated contemporary TCM gynecology master – Professor Luo Yuan Kai (罗元恺教授). In the following years, under the guidance of professor Luo, she had treated thousands and thousands of gynecology patients with a large variety of illnesses, using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, and surgery. In her daily practice, she often used acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat her patients, but if needed, she prescribed medication or performed surgery. Due to her outstanding ability to perform complex surgeries, she soon earned the honor to be the “first knife” to perform the largest and most difficult surgery in the gynecology department – hysterectomy. Those were the years that she built a solid foundation for her future career development in Montreal. Since 2002, she gradually focused her practice to treat infertility and gynecology patients. Over the years, her professionalism and treatment efficacy have earned the admiration of countless infertility patients and impressed numerous fertility doctors in Quebec.

Personal Life

With such high academic and professional achievement and long clinical experience, you may think that Aina is a nerd with thick glasses and gray hair. Well, you will be surprised when you meet her in person. She is a vibrant young-looking woman with full black hair. She was a natural athlete who frequently excelled in discus (铁饼), javelin (标枪), and shot-put (铅球) competitions in university, and some of her university records were held for many years. After settling down in Montreal, she has always been physically active and loves the great outdoors. Her favorite sports include: cross-country skiing, long-distance cycling, hiking, aerobic and weight training and Tai Chi. Here is an excerpt of her recent achievements:

  • In November 2011, she climbed Jade Mountain(玉山, 4000 m above sea level and the highest peak in Taiwan)in a single day. She and her husband covered 28 km of treacherous mountain road in 11 hours.
  • In July 2012, she completed an 800 km bike journey in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • In Feb 9th and 10th of 2013, she participated Canadian Ski Marathon and completed 84 km of cross country ski trails in 2 days.

Meet the Sinocare team.

Wang Yuan (James) 王恽

Licensed Naturotherapist, Natural Health Consultant School, Montreal, 09/2004 – 06/2007
International MBA, Schulich School of business in York University, Toronto, 09/1995 – 07/1997
Bachler of Science, Dalin Marine College, 09/1981 – 07/1985

Working Experience
Co-founder and General Manager, Clinique Sinocare Inc., Montreal, 07/2002 – present
Supply Chain Consultant, PriceWaterhouseCopper LLP., Montreal, 05/2000 – 06/2002
Logistics Analysist, Abitibi Consulidated Inc., Montreal, 01/1997 – 11/1999

Languages Spoken
English, French, Chinese Mandarin, Shanghainess, Hangzhouness, Cantonese.

Chen Jiling (Jacky) 陈吉林

Medical Doctor degree, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, 07/1987 -07/1992
Rosemont College, Montreal, 01/2007 – 12/2007

Clinical Experience
Licensed Acupuncturist, Clinique Sinocare Inc. Montreal, 05/2009 – present
Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (中医师), Acupuncture department of Shanghai Luwan district Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, 07/1992 – 07/2003

Languages Spoken
English, French and Chinese Mandarin

Jun (Alain) Hu

Medical Doctor degree, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, 07/1978 – 07/1982

Clinical Experience
Licensed Acupuncturist, Clinique Sinocare Inc. Montreal, 05/2010 – present
Institut de la recherché d’acupuncture, Paris, 2007 – 2010
Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (主治医师), Shanghai XuHui district hospital, 1996 – 2006

Languages Spoken
English, French, Chinese Mandarin and Shanghainess

David Labbé

Licensed acupuncturist, Rosemont College 2006
Several post-graduate training in Chinese medicine gynecology and infertility, 2008 – present
Chinese herbal medicine training, 2011 – present

Clinical Experience
Licensed Acupuncturist, Clinique Sinocare Inc. Montreal, 02/2012 – present
Pravite practice, 06/2006-09/2008; 10/2009 – 01/2012
Clinique Sinocare Inc. Montreal, 09/2008 – 09/2009

Languages Spoken
English, French

Yosephine Li

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Miky Du

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Lisa Chen

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Lily Long

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