Case Study

To illustrate the healing potential of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I list three recent case histories for your reference.

Male Patient History Western Medicine Diagnosis & Treatment Chinese Medicine Diagnosis & Treatment
Age 33,
Secondary Infertility: 24 months
Lower sperm count and low motility; sperm antibody Kidney Essence and Qi deficient; acupuncture weekly and herbs daily for 4 months
Age 36
Primary Infertility: 24 months
Poor morphology 10%; poor motility (7% moving rapidly) Kidney Qi deficient; herbal medicine daily for 7 months
Age 33
Primary Infertility: 18 months
Low sperm count (13.2 million/ml); poor motility (3% moving rapidly) Damp-heat accumulation in liver/gall bladder meridian; acupuncture weekly and herbal medicine daily for 5 months