Suggested reading in English, French and Chinese.

Recommended Books in English


  • The Infertility Cure; Randine Lewis; Little Brown and Company
  • Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine; Jane Lyttleton; Churchill Livingstone
  • Conquering Infertility; Mind and Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility; Alice Domar; Penguin Books.
  • Acupuncture & IVF: Increase IVF Success By 40~ 60%; Lifang Liang; Blue Poppy Press
  • The Infertility Diet: Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage; Fern Reiss; PBJ Press
  • Fulfilling the Essence – A Handbook of Traditional & Contemporary Chinese Treatments for Female Infertility; Bob Flaws; Blue Poppy Press
  • Fertility Wisdom: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Overcome Infertility; Angela C. Wu; Rodale Press
  • Fertility Cycles & Nutrition – How your Diet Affects Your Menstrual Cycle & Fertility?; Marilyn M. Shannon; The Couple to Couple League

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology in Chinese Medicine – An Integrated Approach; Yu Jin; Eastland Press
  • Obsterics & Gynecology in Chinese Medicine; Giovanni Maciocia; Churchill Livingstone Press
  • Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth; Zita West; Churchill Livingstone
  • Your Vegetarian Pregnancy; Holly Roberts; Fireside Book Press
  • My Sister The Moon – The Diagnosis & Treatment of Menstrual Diseases by Traditional Chinese Medicine; Bob Flaws; Blue Poppy Press
  • Managing Menopause Naturally with Chinese Medicine; Honora Lee Wolfe; Blue Poppy Press
  • A Woman’s Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer by Traditional Chinese Medicine; Nan Lu, Ellen Schaplowsky; Avon Books Inc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

  • The Web That Has No Weaver; Ted J. Kaptchuk; McGraw Hill
  • Chinese-English Illustrated Acupuncture-Moxibustion Therapies for Common Diseases; Zhao Jingsheng; Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
  • Is Acupuncture Right for You; Ruth Lever Kidson; Healing Arts Press
  • The Treatment of Modern Western Medical Diseases with Chinese Medicine; Bob Flaws & Philippe Sionneau; Blue Poppy Press
  • The Future of Healing – Exploring the Parallels of Eastern and Western Medicine; Michael P. Milburn; The Crossing Press
    Chinese Nutrition Therapy; Joerg Kastner; Thieme Press
  • Healing with Whole Foods – Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition; Paul Pitchford; North Atlantic Book Press


  • Chinese-English Edition of Acupuncture Treatment for Depression; Xu Jin-Shui, Cheng Li-hong; Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers

Cosmetics and Weight Loss

  • A comprehensive Handbook for Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Rejuvenation
  • Chinese-English Edition of Acupuncture Cosmetology
  • Chinese-English Edition of Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Recommended Books in French

  • Infertilite: quand Bebe tarde a venir; Marie Charbonniaud; Les Editions Logiques; Quebecor Media
  • Fertilite et conception; Zita West; Trecarre; Quebecor Media
  • L`Acupuncture, L`alternative; Pierre-Michel Phaneuf; Quebecor Media
  • Atlas illustre d’ acupuncture; Yu-Lin Lian, Chun-Yan Chen…; Tandem Verlag Gmbh

Recommended Books in Chinese

  • 中医临床治疗特色与优势指南; 罗云坚,孙塑伦; 人民卫生出版社
  • 眼科专病中医临床诊治; 张梅芳 詹宇坚 邱波;人民卫生出版社
  • 专科专病中医临床诊治丛书各分册名录: 心血管科专病中医临床诊治
  • 呼吸科专病中医临床诊治
  • 消化科专病中医临床诊治
  • 泌尿科专病中医临床诊治
  • 内分泌科专病与风湿病中医临床诊治
  • 血液科专病中医临床诊治
  • 肿瘤科专病中医临床诊治
  • 妇科专病中医临床诊治
  • 儿科专病中医临床诊治
  • 男科专病中医临床诊治
  • 外科专病中医临床诊治
  • 皮肤病科专病中医临床诊治
  • 骨伤科专病中医临床诊治
  • 眼科专病中医临床诊治
  • 耳鼻喉科专病中医临床诊治
  • 男女不育症中西医现代诊断与治疗; 陈利生 倪雅莲 徐元诚 陈守信 王薇薇  等;世界图书出版公司
  • 汉英对照针灸治疗抑郁症;徐金水 程立红;上海科学出版社
  • 汉英对照针灸治疗常见病图解;赵京生;上海科学出版社
  • 中西医结合治疗不孕症; 黄键玲, 李丽芸; 人民卫生出版社

Fertility, Acupuncture and other related clinics in Canada and the US.

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A collection of websites, organizations and scholarly medical journals online regarding TCM, acupuncture and fertility.


Organizations Online

TCM Websites

Learn more! A list of our go-to websites regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interests and issues:

  • – A great site that has almost anything about acupuncture and Chinese medicine and frequently updated.
  • – Resource for consumers, students and practitioners
    of AP & TCM.
  • – The Ultimate Resource for Students of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
  • – Acuxo Acupuncture Resource, an interactive acupuncture database.
  • – TCM/AP Resources.
  • – Excellent web site.
  • – Many Articles and case studies on Oriental Medicine.
  • – Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon. Has excellent articles & resourses on TCM and Herbs.

Chinese Medicine Journals Online

Many Journals of Chinese Medicine have useful websites for those wishing access to comprehensive medical and scholarly articles.

  •– News & information for acupuncturists & patients.
  • – Journal of Chinese Medicine. Information on subscription, summaries, samples articles from this UK-based journal.
  • – American Journal of Chinese Medicine. A great site for published clinical research papers on Chinese medicine.
  • – American Journal of Acupuncture. A great site for published clinical research papers on acupuncture.
  • – European Journal of Oriental Medicine. Information on subscription, summaries of current and back issues.
  • – Qi-Journal, Online articles on Qi-qong
  • – Acupuncture in Medicine Journal, a quarterly scientific and clinical journal aimed at Western-trained physicians and other health professionals, and uses the prevailing understanding of neurophysiology and anatomy to interpret the effects of acupuncture. The Journal largely restricts its published articles to this western approach. Clinical reports of the effects of traditional acupuncture will be considered, and theoretical aspects that are evidence-based.
  • – Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine中医杂志 The Journal of Chinese Medicine is recognised as the foremost English language journal on all aspects of Chinese medicine. Since its first issue in 1979 it has provided practitioners, students and researchers with the highest level of theoretical and clinical articles on acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary medicine, medical qigong and Chinese medical history and philosophy. The journal is published three times a year in February, June and October.
  • – World Journal of Acupuncture-Moxibustion 世界针灸杂志 The official publication of World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies(WFAS).
  • – Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine 中国中医药信息杂志 Journal of Institute of Information on TCM of China
  • – Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine 中国中西医结合杂志
  • – Meridiens-French AP Magazine